Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Months!

Hard to believe that my baby is 2 months old today! She is getting so big. It wasn't until this morning that I looked at while getting her dressed and realized just how big she is getting. She is starting to get a little more meat on her, her legs and tush is filling out and it is so cute! I am starting to have to put some of her clothes away since she is outgrowing them sad, but exciting to know that she is growing and getting bigger. She is so active, wiggling around and I can no longer leaver her unattended on the couch or bed for the fear that she will fall off. She is still smiling up a storm and starting to giggle and talk a lot more. Lots of changes taking place in such a short amount of time! Can't wait for more to come!

Lucas update: I got to talk to him for the first time in a week on the phone a couple nights ago and it was so good to hear his voice! I miss hearing it every night before I go to bed. He is doing good, working A LOT which is good to keep him busy and make time go faster for him. Not sure when he is going to port, sometime in the coming week. Can't wait to post some pics.

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