Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Travels

Lucas has been gone for about 3 weeks to Yuma, Arizona which is only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from San Diego, so with much dread and excitement, I made the drive after getting off work late yesterday to meet him. It was really good to see him and Duke and Bandit were even more excited to see hm! ;) So we all stayed off base in a really nice hotel, completing the night with an awesome dinner at Logan's Roadhouse! Yum, Yum! (It was my favorite in North Carolina and I haven't seen or ate at once for over a year, so it was WELL The hotel provided us with a great breakfast and we were off to the shopping center for a quick trip. However, as I was in the store shopping, Bandit had managed to jump out of the window of my car, come into the store and find me! It was pretty funny seeing Lucas running after him, but embarrassing at the same time! ;) We just spent the rest of the afternoon at the park with the dogs before departing late afternoon. I'm finally back home and I am so tired, but it was worth the drive just to spend less than 24 hours with my man! :) Now I just have 3 more weeks to go before he gets back....

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