Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Golden Birthday Karlee Bella

Today is our nieces birthday and she is turning 4, which would make it her golden birthday. She is pretty excited about it and I am glad that our present made it to her in time. Where has the time gone seriously? I remember like it was just yesterday (sound like an old women) when I was holding her in my arms and what a proud "mi mi" I just became.

These random visits home make me realize what I have missed out on, but Karlee and I share a special bond like best friends, we pick up right where we left off and I am grateful she has known who I am. Sounds horrible huh? Today is bitter sweet for me, I have no been able to be home for one of Karlee's birthdays, but I am hoping to break that streak one day...soon! ;) So, today I am a proud mi mi and couldn't be more excited for her. She is perfect in every way and I can't wait to see her grow even bigger! Love ya Bella and Happy Birthday!

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