Monday, September 27, 2010

The time is slipping away!

I promised myself I would keep this up and thought how hard would THAT be? Guess it proved to be a taller task than I imagined! :) It seems that even though you are a stay at home mom, you are constantly moving and distracted by something, whether it is poop, daughter in the dog food, or...well you get my drift! :)
It really is hard to believe that Sydnee is almost 10 months old. She is growing and learning something new everyday. Today I just saw her learn how to go from her knees to a squat, to standing on her own! Might seem like a small task, but to a lil baby it is a great accomplishment and she was so proud of herself that she kept doing it and smiling at me. :) She has also started to walk from object to object and it will only be a matter of time before she is completely on her own. This morning I tried to help her and she swatted my hand out of the way and walked, talk about ambitious! Got to love it though! Although I miss her being a newbie, I love this stage she is at and it keeps getting better and better.
She has 6 teeth now, working on 2 more, which hasn't been rough at all. She is eating "big people food" and her favorites are grilled cheese, ravioli, banana bread, and well, pretty much everything! :) Glad she is not a picky eater like me! :) She must have got it from her daddy!
Speaking of daddy, he is gone for 5 more weeks at training in Arizona, but hopes to make trips home when he is not melting away in the 100+ degree weather. We miss him tons! But my mom is coming out in a week to keep up busy! It will be good for both of them, and me of course, as we haven't seen Nana for over 2 months.
Here's to another attempt at keeping this up!

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