Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On The Move! So It Begins!

Sydnee rolled over today, back to front! I was laying on the floor with her and was in shock of what I saw. So....I had to roll her back over and have her do it again...well she did it three more times! :) And so it begins...I will no longer be able to contain her...she is on the move! :) I know one day I will wish she will be at the young age where all she wants to do is lay in my arms, but I am enjoying this and what is to come! To top it off, she is starting the process of teething...yes you heard me right. She is such a joy! lol, super crabby, not long enough naps and so on and on. These are the times I wish Daddy was here for a lil break here and there! But he will be home before we know it, we are almost half way done!

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