Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Second Appointment Update

I have to admit I was a little too overly nervous for my doctors appointment today. Lucas wasn't able to make it and I knew I was going to be getting back some lab work, and it is hard not to think about the possible bad news...but that is the worry wart I am!
My checkup went very well! I am pleased that I have only gained 2 pounds so far (feels like 22!). All my blood work came back negative so no sweat there! I got to hear the heartbeat of the baby and it is a sound that will never get old and it brought me so much reassurance and happiness. I only wish I could have shared it with someone, but next time! I was happy and excited to hear that we have to wait just 3 more weeks to find out the sex!! I can hardly keep my emotions in check right now, because I am so ready to get prepared buying the whole baby section out of Target ;) It will feel more real when we can put a name to this little peanut. This is all feeling so surreal still, but it will change soon. I'm still not showing very much yet, but I will post pictures soon!

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